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If you are here, you are probably a watch collector yourself.

And in the journey of watch collecting, from time to time you might be looking to sell certain pieces in your collection. Either to make room for new purchases or simply to clear out some closet space!

When that times comes, you might find yourself bouncing from watch dealer to watch dealer trying to look for the best deal.

OR… posting your watch for sale online.
Where you might yourself handling endless questions, haggling with low-ballers and going to meetups with strangers.

We have been there…

It Can Be Frustrating…

Like many of us, you are just looking for a fair price for your beloved timepiece and you don’t wish to feel like you are being ripped off.

It is very disheartening to sell your watch one day, only to see it online the VERY NEXT DAY fetching a much higher price!
Believe me, this has happened to many of us.

So, we created Consignwatch.com to help watch lovers like you get the BEST VALUE for your watch without all the hassle!



Our one-stop solution gives you a fuss-free experience. No more walking from shop to shop to check prices or meeting up with buyers at the expense of your own time.

We handle everything so you can relax!


We NEVER reveal the identity of our clients.

Both seller’s and buyer’s identities are kept anonymous.

Professional Content

A picture says a thousand words, having great content for your watch means better chances of you attracting a buyer.

We use high quality content to enhance the appeal of your watch. Check them out:

Multi-channel Approach

We market your watch across several channels to gain maximum exposure for your timepiece.

Creating the most opportunities to find a buyer for your watch.

Better Prices

We prefer not to low-ball our sellers when it comes to prices, instead we research the market and appraise your watch based on its current market value.

We help you sell your watch for the BEST PRICE and take a small commission off the transacted price.
Our transparent pricing means you can feel at ease!


Get an estimated valuation for your watch.

Find out what your watch is worth before you decide to sell.
You might be holding on to a real gem!


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Indicate your interest by filling out this form or contact us via Whatsapp at +65 9889 4988.

Get Estimate

Based on the information you provided, we will give you an estimate valuation of your timepiece based on its current condition and market value.
If you are keen to proceed, we will arrange for an appointment in-person for the appraisal and authentication of your watch.


In-person appraisal and authentication can be arranged at our office locations or at a location of your convenience. We will visually inspect your watch as well as perform checks to verify its authenticity and functionality. During the appraisal, we might advise you to restore or repair certain areas of your watch to increase its value and saleability. If you choose to proceed, we will take over your watch and begin to prepare your watch for sale.

Selling your watch begins with producing professional quality content. Your watch will be marketed for sale across several different platforms, so to gain a wide audience and to attract buyers. Your watch will also be shared with our worldwide network of avid watch collectors.

You will be notified once your watch is sold!
Payment will be made to you by bank transfer the following day.

It’s that easy!


We attended to hundreds of satisfied clients and here are what some of them say about us:


Our commission fee starts at SGD$500 or 5% of the final transacted price, whichever is higher.

For highly sought after pieces, check with us for SPECIAL RATES!


Find out how much your watch is worth!
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